Our Latest Finds!

Here are a few of our latest deals & steals! Come check out what we’ve got!

We’ve got a great new deal on eBay on these North Face women’s jackets! Time to get ready for the cold weather!




When it comes to this next item, I will caution you: This is a SHORT auction! We’ve had a lot of trouble with eBay throwing hissy fits over us selling designer shoes at such a low price, so we’re going to sneak this one in with a 3-day auction! These are blue jeweled stiletto pumps from Manolo Blahnik! A $965 pair of shoes, for THREE DAYS listed at $275!



This is another short eBay auction! These Gucci Soho shoulder bags retail at $1,870.00! We sell them in our store for $683.00. For the next THREE DAYS, they’ll be in auction on eBay for $510. But – and this is a test to see who’s listening – if you make me any offer over $300, I’ll take it!



For more of the great finds we’ve got available, please come over and see us!



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