Becca isn’t the only one who’s been delaying her blog post, but at least mine won’t be late! That being said, I do apologize for how sparse it is today:


Some of you may not realize that Frugal Ella is run by two people: Becca is the heart of the company – she’s creative, fun, young, energetic, and exciting! She handles most of the artistic stuff – either doing it herself or finding someone to do it. Holly (me!) is the brain of the company. I’m detail-oriented, obsessive, anal, and boring. But I manage all of our social media stuff (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, & Klout), our website (technical stuff, adding products, etc.), the orders & customer service, and the majority of our buying. Becca sometimes finds cool stuff to add to the shop, but I’m usually the one who tracks down vendors and stuff.

And all of this is to say (again!) that I’m sorry I’ve kind of been neglecting the blog lately. We recently migrated to a new server. And we re-examined all of our vendors and had to get rid of some and replace them. And we’re expanding our product line! Every evening, I try to add three or four new products to our shop, and that’s not as easy as it sounds! And then during the day, I have to take care of a house filled with four rambunctious boys, chase a couple of toddlers around, and homeschool a couple of older boys who just HATE doing their math!

But enough excuses! I do hope that you enjoy this weeks #LOTW!