Okay! So, me being the diva that I am, I’m late with my blog! (Small scream of horror!) But I promise you ladies, it’s worth the wait because today I found for you 3 amazing little pairs of shoes that can 100% transform any outfit!

Marilyn Monroe is quoted as having say “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can take over the world!” Since I wasn’t there I can’t vouch for the source, but we all know the truth of that statement! Shoes make us feel complete, polished, and confident in our new outfit.

One of the fun things to do with a great pair of shoes is to make them the focal point of the whole outfit. We can do this by sneaking detail into the shoe that mirrors detail or design in the rest of our look.

010S01A super-hot celebrity trend right now is to pair floral heels with a flirty little dress or cute top and jeans. Shoes like these give just the tiniest bit of punch to an other wise simple look. The detail pops with every step you take. Echo your flowery feet with a nice floral necklace or scarf and you have an easy way to ensure that your whole outfit will be appreciated, head to toe!

012S01Another really nifty way to play up shoes is with metallic detailing like these fantastic boots have to offer. Remember that eyes are always drawn to the light. You can take even the most simple jean and button down shirt look and class it up instantly with these shoes. Or try pairing them with a pencil skirt and leather jacket for a chic finish. They are also easy on your feet, which as all my heel-loving ladies know, is a major bonus!

Finally I wanted to show you these adorable things! The soft floral pattern on these shoes is romantic, flirty, and just so dang cute it’s irresistible. This can be matched with any pastel party dress or light toned trouser for a young and fresh look. Even in fall and winter, there is always space for a light floral touch.


The best thing about using floral heels and other details in your shoes is that it gives even the most conservative lady a way to express her personality!

That’s all I have today folks! See you next week! Love you!