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This is a guest post by my darling fashionista friend, Michelle Gaines. She has a one-month old baby girl (her third baby girl!), so she knows what she’s talking about!

When I look in the mirror at myself I can’t believe it’s me. I see this person with a saggy mummy tummy and wonder who she is and why it has to be this way.

Now, a new again mother to baby number number 3, I find myself a once size 3/4 shaped in motherly form in a size 10/12. Any one that knows me well KNOWS how truly hard this is for me. I am now finding myself starring into a closet of beautiful clothes that I can only dream of squeezing into.

A fix for the flab

Baby number one was super lucky and I bounced back quite nicely. Baby number two, I had the flabby saggy mummy tummy and quickly learned the best trick in the book for the belly bulge. Now that I have baby number 3 that saggy flab is back and I’m a pro!

Before clothes shopping, you need to start with your under garments. Find a supportive and well fitting bra. If you are a nursing mother like me this can be quite the challenge. You are going to need several in this case. Find a few comfy ones for around the house and your night feedings. Here is the important part. Whether breast feeding or not, your daily, out of the house bra I call it, needs to keep the “girls” in their proper place.

Holly’s Note: I’ve always found Bravado bras like this to be great for small to moderately-sized breasts. They don’t really give enough support for large-breasted women, but they work great for A-C cups.

Why oh why might you ask is THIS an important part to fashion?? Well, easily and bluntly put, if the girls aren’t in their proper spot then knowing and finding your correct size will be difficult. Also, always always always try on your bra BEFORE buying with a shirt. You be amazed at the difference this makes in the decision process.

Holly’s Note: Styles like this will give better support for larger-breasted women. I still feel that it’s necessary to avoid underwires while nursing – if they don’t fit perfectly they can cause clogged ducts, and that leads to a whole host of problems!

It is important not to skip this step. Why?? Once again, the girls need to be up in their proper spot. When they are it helps give you that extra curve that you want to have and secondly it will define boobs from the belly

Now, on to the undies. Before going on, accept the fact it’s time to put the thongs and cute ones aside for awhile. Spanx Spanx Spanx!!!!  No. I’m not talking about a swat on the toosh lol. If you are a woman of our modern era you know what I’m talking about.

Shape wear is the most important step in this process. What is so wonderful about Spanx is the high waist and, long bottoms. The high waist helps, smooth and support and control your mid section. My personal favorite part of the high waist is it even smooths out the love handles and virtually eliminates the muffin top made by low rise pants!

Next, the short-like bottoms. They smooth the thighs, hide that wonderful cellulite, gives support to the buns. And most importantly keeps the wiggle jiggles to the most possible minimum.

Before I move onto clothing types I want you to reflect on the woman from centuries past and their beautiful dresses. How do you think they looked so wonderful? They didn’t have all the wonderful blended fabrics like we have now and the stretchy yoga pants. They used corsets’  to keep their form and poise.  Like the woman of old we still need the shape wear to slim us.

With our shape wear in place, it’s time to go shopping. For those lucky woman that don’t have much of a pouch, you can now wear basically anything. For woman like me that still have a belly (thank goodness it’s now smoothed out) even with shape wear there are some simple rules to follow when looking for clothing that will minimize the appearance of your belly.


Holly’s Note: Looser tops also make it much easier to nurse discreetly!






Instead of tight tops, opt for looser fitting clothing or something

with structured darker fabrics. Jackets are great way to add structure. Darker hues are slimming and will help the appearance of your silhouette look thinner.

Holly’s Note: Jackets and cardigans are also a great way to help you nurse modestly!



Third, look for shirts with ruching(gathers) on the sides made by elastic. The ruching helps conceal any bulges and it has a rather slimming effect to it.


I love Peplums! They are the BEST at hiding the tummy AND they are so stylish and trendy!

Holly’s Note: Button-down shirts are a snap for nursing! 

Remember, with lots of hard work you CAN lose your mummy tummy. I have twice and working on my third time. Now with all this in mind, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!!!



So what do you think? Michelle has graciously agreed to be our first ever guest poster! We’d love to have her back again soon! So please give her some love and a big thank you! 🙂