Okay! So this week I have been all about sweaters as my roommate and I are having a thermostat war. (Grrrr…)

But the advantage to being a fashionista is that I can research great clothes as a stress relief and also pass my finds along to you! Sweaters and jackets are a part of fall. Weather cools down and becomes unpredictable and you know how it goes: it starts out freezing cold and then it’s too hot, and then we go inside and someone has the air down to -57F. Consequently we have to adapt our stylishness to accommodate the temperature fluctuations by doing the ‘sweater on, sweater off’ dance.

A great sweater is a great part of any outfit. Unfortunately, not all sweaters are great. (Hence the ‘ugly sweater’ holiday party games.) The last thing we want to be ‘fashion on, fashion off’ throughout the day. So how do we pick a sweater that is cute, chic, comfy, and yet not bulky, clingy, stringy, or weird? There are 3 major qualifications you should look for when interviewing a sweater. First it needs to look ridiculously, insanely, deliciously, comfy. No, not the slobbing around the house kind of comfy. I mean the kind of comfy that makes us want to hug kittens and teddy bears, or collapse into a bed of silky sheets. Next, a good sweater needs to be interesting. Something that sparkles a bit or has color and movement keeps the eye flowing and integrates more easily into an outfit. Lastly, a good sweater needs a good cut and a good fit and a good style. Because the last thing we need is to looks like a blob of sweater-ness. Check this out:


This think looks like you are wearing a teddy bear, I swear! And yet it has chic buttons and a good length to emphasize your waist. (I love things that point out my waist as opposed to my lower assets, if you know what I mean ladies!) It also has visible texture; not quite the same as sparkle, but it keep this from being a blank all of blah. And it looks so snuggly! Be prepared to be randomly hugged if you pick this as an addition to your wardrobe.


Finally, for a great cut, luxe comfortable look, and a touch of shine, look at this one, girls! It’s got just enough sparkle on it to be great for a date, but not so much you can’t comfortably wear it to the office. Also, you can easily pair it up with some great slacks and shirts so that you get to stay warm and still show your curves. This one is a closet staple, believe me! I think I need to buy about 5 of them…

That’s all for today y’all! Much love! Xoxo.