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by Holly

We can show you all the fun, pretty, sparkly things we’ve found, but if you’re anything like me, putting all those cool things together is sometimes the hardest part! So we’d like to introduce you to our “Look of the Week” feature! In this feature, I (and later, Becca) will put together a look that we like and tell you why we like it.

So without further adieu, here’s my look:

lotwSo first, the overview: I wanted a nice autumn look. It’s starting to get chilly up here in Washington, so it’s just a matter of time before I’m going to need some warm clothes. I wanted something warm but also cute, and since my fashion skills are still in their infancy, I decided to set it up around a color theme. My all-time favorite color is blue, so I used some pretty blues here, paired with beige and ivory neutrals.

Now (drumroll please!), here’s my breakdown of what you see here:

I love this dress for winter! And it’s great for my figure! Now it’s called a “dress”, but it’s certainly not a dress I’d ever wear on its own! I can’t imagine wearing a dress above the knees! I’d flash the entire neighborhood every time I bent down to pick up a baby! (Which is approximately 9,452,150 times a day!) But worn as a tunic, I think it’s gorgeous!

This TUNIC is a thick, soft cotton. It may seem a little stiff brand new, but after a couple of washes, it’ll have this nice soft hand. It’s thick enough to be warm but still breathable, and I just LOVE the cut!!! That flare at the hips is great for hiding my post-c/section belly! The sleeves are just a little bit “too” long – they scrunch a little bit, which looks super cute, and I just love this color.

This tunic is kind of an obscure brand, so finding the exact item was hard to do. Loft has a tunic that’s kind of similar, but with a back zip, thinner fabric, and 3/4 sleeves, for about $50. This one is $35 plus shipping, but I will warn you that it takes a little longer to arrive (unless you pay for premium shipping), so we can call that about a $15 savings!


Now I’m not nearly as much of a leggings fan as Becca, but worn under a tunic, I can totally get on board the leggings fan club! These leggings are a stretch cashmere with a textured velour pattern, and I just LOVE this touch of femininity in all the beautiful swirlies! This bolder monochrome pattern really stands out, and the slightly darker blue helps to highlight the pattern. These are super-stretchy, and since the tunic hides all my lumpy bits, they look fabulous!

You know, fall is such a difficult season to dress for. You don’t want to bulk up with a thick down jacket, but you don’t want to be freezing half to death, either! The advantage to using leggings is that you can still look cute, and the leggings help keep your legs from turning into that solid white road map of protruding blue veins protesting the indignity of being frozen!

Again, this is a specialty brand, so it’s hard to find an exact match. American Apparel has some blue velvet leggings that are similar in color, but they don’t have the pattern I love so much (and I don’t know if they have a bad model or a bad photographer, but that website picture doesn’t look all that flattering) for $42, and I found some stretch cashmere leggings by Donna Karan at Neiman for $550 (but I actually don’t like them as well). These patterned stretch cashemere velour ones are $23, so that’s a savings of $19-$500+, depending on which comp you prefer!


So putting together an outfit, at the bare minimum, needs a top, a bottom, and shoes. These are the shoes I picked for this week’s LOTW. While they may look white on-screen, they’re actually a pale ivory. I love this ivory/beige neutral family to go with the blues, especially in winter. These boots are awesome for the cold, wet winters we have up here! The sole is actually a low platform, which helps to keep water from seeping in the sides, and the furry ankle cuff (in addition to looking kind of cute and whimsical) helps to keep small splashes from dripping down into the boot and giving you wet socks!

I found a couple of boots that share some of these characteristics: The Fendi boots which have a similar fluffy cuff and sole design for $803, and the Tibi boots with a similar shade and heel height for $287 (and that’s the sale price!). This pair sells for about $90. Now, they’re not Fendis! But they’re still pretty cute! 😉


This handbag is the darkest neutral I’ve got here. I know white handbags are cool, but my white handbags start looking pretty beige after a week or two! The top closes with a drawstring and snap, and there are two lovely buckle pockets on the front for cell phones, keys, and other random stuff. The thing is that in the winter, it’s hard to get away with carrying one of those tiny cute clutches! There’s lip chap, hand lotion, gloves, accessories, and a whole bunch of other little things that make their way into a purse during the winter months! My number one reason for loving this purse? It’s BIG! And I do kind of like the backpack look – it looks nice and young and casual, and I think the look goes nicely with the boots.

This bag is similar to the Michael Kors in Vanilla, although it’s got more interior space, for $328. The Alviero Martini – although in a slightly darker shade and an admittedly more intriguing pattern – has a similar design and is roughly the same size, although the Alviero Martini ($570) can only be carried on the shoulder like a backpack. This bag sells for $75.


We all know that accessories make the outfit, and I love this scarf to tie the blues and neutrals together. The swirling patterns reflect the pattern in the leggings in a more delicate way, and this scarf provides a little extra protection on the neck and collarbones from the autumn breeze. It is a thin voile, so it’s not all that warm, but I think it really completes the look. This scarf is a silk/cotton/poly blend, so it’s soft, got a beautiful drape to it, and still easy to care for! It’s 179cm x 112cm, which Google tells me is 5’11” by about 4″, so it’s a VERY big scarf that leaves you a lot of room to play with different ties and drapes.

There’s not really a good comparison for this scarf. There are several cute scarves, but nothing really close. In any event, this scarf sells for $22.


I know – why wear sunglasses in winter? Because with rain and snow, the glare from the sun can cause some serious eyestrain (not to mention retinal damage!). And because, realistically, they look cool! 🙂

Now these sunglasses, I can get you a good comparison for, because they’re actually a name-brand pair of Dior stainless steel sunglasses. They’ve got a UV protection of 400, and I love the oversized round frame style. Plus, the white and gold looks really cool with the other pale neutrals in this look!

These normally retail for about $375 or so, depending on store. We sell them for $94.

So that’s it! My first Look of the Week! Please join us over on Facebook and let us know what you think!