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Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I’m addicted to sparkles.

Yes, that’s right. I’m unabashedly, totally, overwhelmingly in love with all things that glitter, glimmer, and shine.

There are three things that every woman needs to know about sparkle:
1. It makes you instantly noticeable, even in the most crowded party.
2. It lets you control exactly what people notice about you first. (Because the human eye will always be drawn to the light.)
3. Too much of a shiny thing is a dull thing. It actually gets boring for someone to look at unrelieved sparkle.

That’s only problem with loving to shine: what’s appropriate for the club or the stage or the boudoir may not be practicable for our actual lives. There’s a time to be dripping with sequins, then there’s a time to bring in more subtle glitz. That’s why I love to turn to natural sources of shine for inspiration!

One of the best ways to incorporate some sparkle into your daily style is to look to the stars. Literally! A night sky is full of tasteful, glamorous, fantastically eye-catching light.

I selected three examples of how this inspiration can help you pull some creative glam into your wardrobe without going overboard.

Galaxy chiffon blouseFirst, check out the sensual but funky glimmer of this top. The designer has taken the basic idea of a dark night sky and added a bit of feminine deliciousness to it by making it see through chiffon with glittery sparks. I personally would adore wearing this with a pair of black jeans and a dark tank top for day wear. Or match it up with some dark leggins for an out-on-the town fun look.

leggingsSpeaking of leggings, you have to check this pair out! The blue is fabulous and though it isn’t metallic or glitter-enhanced, these leggings use colorful applications of galaxy images to draw the eye up and down the length of the leg. Throw on a short little black dress or a vibrant blue T-shirt and you have an instant way to show off your leggy-assets without showing any skin! (Which is great for people like me who sun burn if they even think about going outdoors!)

Lastly, for a bit of summery but still sparkling fun, the dress here has so much potential! There are two colors and I love them both. This is easy to slip into for a daytime look or spruce up for a hot date. But I like most about it is that in addition to having the enchanting look of galaxy and stars, it also is light chiffon that flows beautifully around every body shape. It’s light enough to be playful and glamorous enough to be sensual. It’s also incredibly inexpensive if you know where to shop! (If you’re interested in this dress, let me know and Frugal Ella will be happy to hook you up!)


That’s all I have for today glitter-geeks! Just remember, no matter the season, you can shine in naturally inspired sparklies!